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The Future of Play 2 Earn.

Klee games understand that play-to-earn games, MUST also be play-to-enjoy on both desktop and mobile app.

Klee is not just one game but the launchpad for play-to-earn desktop and mobile games - with many more on the way!

Klee allows players to earn, whilst also providing high-yield returns for investors and the ability to sponsor players.

Earn Yield. Sponsor Players.

Klee investors will be able to earn yield in the following two ways: Locking up tokens in staking pools to earn yield or locking up tokens in a Klee Academy scholarship pool to profit share with players.

Investors in the scholarship pool will have a unique link that can be shared with players to sponsor them. This allows the players to play and earn without having a Klee Game Pass, and all rewards will be split with the investor who sponsored them.


Pioneering Play 2 Earn.

Q1 2023

  • Android release
  • L-bank listing
  • 5,000 Klee holders
  • 5,000 telegram members

Q2 2023

  • V2.0 Contract launch
  • Launch Klee Games rebranding
  • Submit IOS KleeRun Application

Q3 2023

  • Release KleeRun IOS application
  • Rebuild KleeGames updated payout module
  • Release KleeGames updated payout module
  • Commence DAO & Staking pools

Q4 2023

  • Release Klee Academy Scholarships
  • Release additional Klee Games into the Launchpad
  • Release Educate to earn mechanism into the Launchpad

About Klee Games.

The Klee Games launchpad is the bridge between traditional gaming and 'web 3' gaming, creating an easy, user-friendly way for players to play-2-earn. Our first game, 'KleeRun' was released in 2021, with many more play-2-earn games and learn-2-earn educational resources on the way.

For investors, Klee Games offers the opportunity to profit from the booming GameFi sector and the ability to create opportunities for those in developing countries - where centralized financial institutions and services are lacking, but 5-G and high-speed internet are prevalent - through our profit-share sponsorship program.

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